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Insight 360: Formative Assessment / Instruction System

Insight 360: Standard Edition

Insight 360 Product Group
  • Real-time formative assessment data - right in your hand
  • Quick set up & easy to use
  • Ask question of any content using CueTags and Verbal mode
  • Works with Mobi 360 or iPad

Insight 360: Premium Edition

Teach & Learn with iPads
  • Supports 1:1 iPad Classrooms
  • Clicker capability - with scratch pad
  • Constructed Response Capability - with Real-Time Teacher View
  • Full ExamView Integration: Formative & Summative Assessment
  • iPad Cart Option - With use of a dongle for instant upgrade

Insight 360: Web Access Edition - BYOD Option

BYOD Devices
  • Web Access - via eInstruction server
  • Use any web-enabled device that supports HTML5
  • Full ExamView Integration
  • Full data capture and reporting capabilities
  • Remote access via any internet connection

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